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Install Prepaid Cards in your companyfully customized

Compare among hundreds of issuers to obtain the best conditions in your installation.

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White label prepaid card provider

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White Label Prepaid Cards Advisors

We are not to PSP or payment institutions with us to compare between several Issuers and find the most adequate to your needs. Choose between 40 different issues to find the best solution to your needs.

  • Fintech Specialist We have made more than 100 installations in recent years in Europe and America and we have learned how to save time and money by choosing the best card issuing company. Our system allows you to compare between the best issuing institutions and save time and money.
  • Financial Institutions If you plan to create a financial card issuing company, let us advise you to choose the best jurisdiction that suits your interests and that of your clients. We advise you in the selection of the most convenient country to apply a payment processing license.
  • Psp, Electronic Money institutions AND PSD2 The entry into force of the PSD2 in Europe has been a new factor of change for the launch of financial companies that can compete with traditional banking under the constraints of much easier processes to be licensed.
White label prepaid card program

Discover How to

Become a PSP or EMI in an easy and secure way

Fully advisory for creating your new one PSP or EMI

  • Our knowledge of electronic payment processing, software development, financial licenses and general knowledge of any fintech company that manages money in motion makes us have a predominant position in the market.
  • When regulation is mandatory for the operation of your company, we offer you the best Reg Tech service that guides you through the complicated legal process to manage your own financial institution issuing debit cards and Online banking.


Key White Label Prepaid Card Features

Automated Instant Load
Automated instant load functionality

Every master and visa card process is instantly loaded by using a secured card management mechanism. This will be done by automatically so no one can wait for much time.

Automated Application and Card
Automated Application and card upgrade API

Each master card upgrades with perfect API(application program interface). Based on the automated application you can easily collaborate with your cardholders.

PCI compliment
PCI Compliment

PCI is contains set of standards designed for all that companies to accept, store and process the master card information if your company intends to accept, store and process to your client's data, you need a PCI compliant hosting provider.

Fully Documented API
Fully Documented API

The API documentation is also known as programmers document, which is used to read and understood what is the outcome of your project. In a master card, creation documented API is the most important thing for every company.

Cloud hosting enabled
Cloud hosting enabled

Cloud hosting is the process of hosting on a virtual server which is store all customer card information. Everyone can access the card information at any time without any downtime.

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How to Install a Mastercard/ VISA Card?


Purchase the master from the seller’s point


Activate your card online using the credentials provided

Load Amount

Load the amount after the card is activated


What you get with a White Label Program

Prepaid Card
Prepaid Card

Fully branded prepaid card that can be used to make purchases online, instore, over the phone and to withdraw money from ATMs.

Mobile Application
Mobile Application

Fully branded, native mobile cardholder services application, compatible with Android and iOS.

Cardholder Website
Cardholder website

Fully branded cardholder website and services, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

IVR/SMS Systems
IVR/SMS Systems

Card holder services via interactive voice response (IVR) and SMS messaging systems that can be customised.

Marketing Website
Marketing website

Fully branded, responsive prepaid card marketing website, compatible with both desktop and mobile.

Multi-lingual support
Multi-lingual support

Card holder services are available in a number of different languages.

Mobile applications with your logo.

Fully customized

  1. Android iOS. Custom applications
  2. Custom interface
  3. Personalized Online Banking
  4. Your logo in all parts, card, applications, interface.An On line banking with your logo.
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Awesome Features

Total service to obtain VISA or Mastercad prepaid cards

Brand Loyalty

Advice from the company Issuer

We compare between more than 40 fully regulated issues to obtain the best price and conditions.

Brand Awareness

Training your team

We give ongoing training to your team so that you can carry out your prepaid card business without problems.

Card Data

Advice for obtaining a financial license

We apply our knowledge in PSD2 or TIPS to turn your company into a new Challenger Bank.

Seamless Integration

First steps in the prepaid card business

We show you the prepaid card business, saving you time and money.


Frequency Asked Questions

  • List the key benefits of Master card creation?

    Customized card design, 24*7 access for reporting tools, 24*7 customer support, Full compliance support, This is suites for retails networks, airlines and shopping malls.

  • What are the special features are available in white label master cards?

    Increased brand faithfulness, Secured data auditing, Customizable program, Security assurance, Comprehensive API for perfect integration.

  • How Mastercard will works?

    Mastercard submit all their transaction to the issuer for the authorization purpose. After the money loaded you can use your card in globally without any transaction delay. This process will contain 4 major processing systems, that is API, Card management process, processing engine, Customization processing.

  • What is the difference between the master card and visa card?

    Every one asked this question, but there is no difference between a master card and visa card. In functional wise, master card and visa card is to do the same work. Both the cards are accepted in more than 200 countries.

  • Is there is any security assurance are available??

    The master card development is giving security assurance with an international industry standard. Everyone use their card with high-security features. So you feel free to use your master& visa card.


Developed Projects

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Bistox is an advanced semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that incorporates the NEM blockchain technology
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DIGIWAY is most usable crypto exchange website which is made by us.
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We complete BTG cryptocurrency exchange project on time with high customization features.
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WCX is our one of the best crypto exchange project which is complete within 4 months.

White Label Prepaid Card Benefits



Autorama Card
ACE Card
BLP Card
Card Currency

E4L Card
ACE Card
BLP Card
Card Currency
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CEO Board

Max Photo
Manuel Garcia

Manuel has worked for European finance companies for the last 20 years of his life. His professional career starting in 1999 covers more than 20 years. He has a PHD in international law and four post-grades.

Ali Omer
Ali Omer
CEO TokenSuite

I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2013. Omer is one of the first to adopt and found TokenSuite.I have also founded TokenDrops.com and BountySuite.com, which are subsidy projects of the TokenSuite brand.

Devis Luiz Photo
Devis Luiz
International Advisor

Devis is the presenter of the Coin Chat podcast, is an expert in cryptocurrencies, adviser to ICO, digital strategist, Crypto Investigator, founder and CEO of Coinvestors. Previously, I have developed his career in financial services working in sales and management consulting for Deloitte, IBM and Infosys.

Steve Good Photo
Steve Good
Financial Expert

He is a financial expert with extensive experience in all aspects of accounting, tax, auditing, control, financial management and consulting. Direct experience with US GAAP and IFRS / IAS rules. Its objective is to continue managing a proactive team in a dynamic environment in their companies.

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