Frequency Asked Questions

  • List the key benefits of Master card creation?

    Customized card design, 24*7 access for reporting tools, 24*7 customer support, Full compliance support, This is suites for retails networks, airlines and shopping malls.

  • What are the special features are available in white label master cards?

    Increased brand faithfulness, Secured data auditing, Customizable program, Security assurance, Comprehensive API for perfect integration.

  • How Mastercard will works?

    Mastercard submit all their transaction to the issuer for the authorization purpose. After the money loaded you can use your card in globally without any transaction delay. This process will contain 4 major processing systems, that is API, Card management process, processing engine, Customization processing.

  • What is the difference between the master card and visa card?

    Every one asked this question, but there is no difference between a master card and visa card. In functional wise, master card and visa card is to do the same work. Both the cards are accepted in more than 200 countries.

  • Is there is any security assurance are available??

    The master card development is giving security assurance with an international industry standard. Everyone use their card with high-security features. So you feel free to use your master& visa card.

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